As a professional athlete, I am fortunate enough to be in the position to inspire the next generation. I make this opportunity a priority every year. By partnering with programs throughout the state and in my hometown of Anchorage, I am able to work in my communities to make a difference through skiing and getting outside. Every athlete knows that at one point in their career, someone went out of their way to teach them what they know and it has been an honor to pass on what I know.



Over the past five years, I have coached in seven different villages teaching over 1000 school children to ski each Spring. Spending about in week in each village, the coaches teach kids the basics of skiing, how to deal with the frustration of learning new things, and having fun outside. These weeks have been some of the best experiences of my life.

lickity-splits ski camp for kids


Between 2011-2014, I hosted a kids ski camp every December. Along with fellow elite skiers from Alaska, we were able to ski with over 100 kids each year while teaching the importance of hard work and getting outside to play!

community events


Working with programs like Healthy Futures and with local schools, I have been able to work in classrooms and with teams to teach about goal setting, positive influences, patience, and perseverance. Those traits have gotten me to where I am and I hope by sharing what I know, it will make a difference.