What does an athlete need funding for?

As a professional skier, my life consists of training as hard as I can all summer to race all winter. From the beginning of December, I am basically traveling to different races all the way until the end of March. Usually, the first few weeks of racing is not too hard on the bank account with races mostly in the US and Canada, but once we hit the middle part of the season, racing moves in Europe where the bills stack up quickly. With the goal of becoming one of the best skiers in the world, this travel is a necessity as I learn to compete at new race venues and against competitors I could not find anywhere else. Below, I have given a rough breakdown of what it is like to fund a professional cross-country ski racer for the racing months of December through March.


Room and Board-$13,125

Racing Fees-$1,875

Coach and wax technician support-$5,500


Why do I need funding?

After having my best ski season to date and making my first Olympic team, representing the United States in PyeongChang, South Korea, I have refocused on the 2022 Olympics in Beijing and to becoming a contender rather than just a participant. This will be a long and difficult journey. Unfortunately, making the Olympic team comes with zero support from the US Olympic Commitee or the US Ski Team. Though this can be frustrating at times, I believe I can achieve my goals through hard work and the support from my community.

Join my team!

I am forever grateful for my club team, Alaska Pacific University Nordic Ski Center, for providing me the support to continue racing no matter how big the obstacle, however, APUNSC can not provide full winter racing support. As a result, I would like to grow my support network and invite you to join my team!