Partnership with gci

I rely on support from the community to do what I love and achieve what I aspire to achieve. I am fortunate to have partnered with GCI leading into the Olympics to produce advertisements shown in Alaska.


crust skiing, brought to you by eric packer

After the long, cold, and snowy winters, Alaskans come out of the dark caves every spring and head into the mountains and glaciers nearby. The natural sunshine and freeze/thaw cycles create a hard "crust" layer in the mountain valleys that become the perfect surface for endless skiing. These videos, produced by teammate Eric Packer, document our adventures.


local media

Skiing in Alaska is pretty big. With the departure of the Alaska Aces in 2017, the APU Nordic Ski Team has become the primary professional team for the state. In 2018, our team had a breakthrough year, qualifying nine to the Olympics. We were very fortunate to reap the benefits and with such a interested community, our reach is far and wide.